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Jackson Anak Saga



Located: Laie, Hawaii

Fluent: English, Malay, Indonesian, Iban

Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Certified in Food Handling and Food Allergens Awareness from Brigham Young University-Hawaii

"Jackson is an experienced individual that have worked in Hospitality and Tourism industry related. He actively engaged with customer service and food services fields. He is certified in Food Allergens and Food Handling. Je started his career in hotel industry. When started his study at BYU Hawaii, he worked at one of the most visited tourist attraction sites in Hawaii, the Polynesian Cultural Center, for several years as a Sales Associate. Besides, he also has accounting background working at Food Services at BYU Hawaii as an Accounting Clerk. Prior to attending BYU Hawaii, he worked as a representative for a company to deal with Malaysian Immigration and Labour department maintaining the foreign employees status. He brings his systematic management skills and knowledge based on his various experiences to the team that he has involved with. With the responsibilities he has been part of and currently pursuing, he developed skills, knowledge and integrity in work ethics."

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