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EnglishConversations is an English-language learning program provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The purpose of EnglishConnect is to help learners develop English skills in an environment of fellowship and faith.

UNique Benefits

Developing English proficiency can expand opportunities for employment, education, service, and friendship. However, many people around the world face obstacles to learning English including cost, distance, time, self-doubt, and access. EnglishConnect provides a unique opportunity for learners worldwide to:

  • Participate in English conversation groups designed to foster fellowship and faith.

  • Access personal study resources at minimal to no-cost.

  • Combine spiritual and academic learning to empower self-reliance.

Learning a language requires commitment, time, diligence, support, and intentional practice. EnglishConnect courses are designed to help learners take responsibility for their own learning and work together to achieve their goals.

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EnglishConversations Level 1&2:

English Conversations 1 and 2 courses are administered by facilitators assigned under the direction of local Church leaders. Conversation classes are held weekly, usually at a local meetinghouse. Course materials are available online.  Church members who are interested can apply on the link below.


EnglishConnect Level 3:

EnglishConnect 3 is provided through BYU-Pathway Worldwide with support from local members and leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. EnglishConnect 3 is a self-paced online course with a student-led weekly gathering held online or in a local meetinghouse.

Registering for EnglishConnect 3 gives learners 14 weeks of access to online learning resources with individualized feedback on listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Online learning resources are competency-based, meaning learners advance in the course as they gain specific English skills. Learners can repeat EnglishConnect 3 as many times as is necessary to accomplish their goals.

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