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·      Get familiar with PathwayConnect by visiting and navigating through the website. Additionally, you can view FAQ’s at 

·      Meet with a member of the mentorship team to discuss responsibilities.


·      Conduct informational interviews with students over video or audio call.

·      Answer student’s questions about resumes, interviews, and preparing for a career in your given field.

·      Connect students with other professionals.

·      Help students network to identify potential internships or careers.

·      Update student’s progress.

·      Fill out a two-question survey each time you meet with a student.

·      Do not provide students with financial aid assistance. If you wish to donate, visit 



·       15-minute calls with students zero to a few times per month. You can participate in our expert program for as long as you'd like.


·      For questions about BYU Pathway Worldwide: Visit

·      For questions about The Small Hill Foundation: Contact Adam Johnson, Marcus Van Gils or Chandler Kallas

·      For questions about the Career Development Program: Contact Adam Johnson, William Frangia, Clayton Grundvig or Eriene Oh

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