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What it Takes to be an “Expert”


Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out, and help.” – President Rowley


In an effort to provide a program that best prepares students for the job market in Southeast Asia, we have created the new Career Development Program. While the title of Expert may seem daunting, an Expert is a career advisor. Students will have an opportunity to connect with experts from career fields they are interested in. This will allow students to learn more about the field and potential professions. Experts will advise students in their academic journey, answer any questions, and connect students with further resources. These relationships will help students find internships, and jobs, while also giving them the confidence to succeed in their career field after they receive their certificate.

Serving as an Expert is an incredible opportunity to help first-time college students flourish as they begin to find their passions, set long-term goals, and begin their professional careers. Starting higher education and entering the job market can be daunting and students need someone to turn to who has experienced similar situations or can advise them on this journey.

More information on the specific expectations of an Expert is located under the Career Development dropdown. Time commitment is minimal- the time it takes to send a text or video call periodically and any ongoing training meetings are always under an hour. We will be with you every step of the way to provide answers to your questions and make sure everyone has a great experience. Our mission as an organization is only effective if we have the right people on our team; we hope it’s you!

If giving back sounds like the right step for you then use the following like to fill out an application. We appreciate your willingness to serve and look forward to meeting you!

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