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Felicity Anai Anak Michael Mulok


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Located: Kuching, Malaysia

Fluent: English, Malay, Iban

Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology from La Trobe University

"Felicity started off her career trying to earn experience in Project Management in the IT field. She was fortunate to work directly under the supervision of the Managing Director of a solution implementor company based in KL, coordinating projects with big companies such as IBM and Redhat (before the acquisition by IBM). After 2 years, Felicity found the value in business analysis and work as a Capability Specialist to build and expand a project management web tool product in an Oil & Gas field. Felicity started learning upstream Oil & Gas to be able to provide better web based reporting solutions to clients all around the world. After almost 5 years, in 2019, Felicity had an opportunity to work with the state government that is driving the digital economy of Sarawak, however, the value of working under government did not aligned with Felicity's core values that in 2021, Felicity decided to go back to private sector and work as a Product Manager of an automated lean reporting IT solutions for upstream Oil & Gas."

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